P4b Comunicação


Amazing Trucks ads by Mini, Mars, Ritter Sport, KitKat.


Creative Golden Holidays Advertisement - Yaratıcı Golden Holidays Reklamı

Stickers were placed onto the pull-down meal tray on-board selected Malaysia Airlines domestic flights making the captive audience “feel” their next holiday.


McDonald’s McCafé: AM-PM Campaign

We might wake up on the wrong side of bed, but McDonald’s shows us the amazing work a good up of coffee can do for us.

(Advertising agency: DDB Tribal, Vienna, Austria)


Conservatoire de Musique Ilyes Jaryan “Violin”

“To target potentional clients, the music school “Conservatoire de Musique Ilyes Jaryan” and the agency decided to communicate during la Semaine de la Musique Instrumentale, a famous music festival in Tunis. The idea was to make flyers and place them on the windscreens of the cars parked in the car parks dedicated to the event as well in the near area of the concerts.”

Olla Condoms Unexpected Babies 


Comercial bizarro da semana

Romanians are smart 

Budweiser Brasil - Great Times Are Coming!